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Check IRCTC PNR Status

Why to rush at the nearest railway station to know the status of your Railway Ticket Reservation? Are you fed up with this process? Then, here is the best tool for you to check IRCTC PNR Status of Indian Railways. From this PNR Status Tool, it is possible for you to check Indian Railway PNR Status easily and efficiently within few moves. Just get your Passenger Name Record (PNR) Number to get the apt status using this IRCTC PNR Status Tool.

How to check PNR Status using this tool?

Here are the steps to extract the passenger reservation information through online from this railway PNR Status application. Just enter your 10 digit PNR number and hit get my PNR Status button. The resultant page brings you all the reservation data that helps you get train birth details.

Here you go! Enter 10 digit PNR Number and click "Get My PNR Status".

It is mandatory to have 10-digit PNR to check the status of your train reservation. By using this tool, it is possible to know the accurate status of journey whether it is confirmed, modified or cancelled.

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PNR Status website disclaimer

We hold no responsibility if the user gets false information. PNR Status results will be extracted from Indian Railways website and have not been tampered or modified in any means. www.irctcpnrstatuscheck.com is neither affiliated with The Ministry of Railways nor Govt. of India. This tool of checking PNR Status was designed as per the common man request. For any important queries, contact: info@irctcpnrstatuscheck.com