Train Travelling Safety Tips in India

By | September 28, 2016

In a vast country like India, people who are eager to visit the lengths and breadths of the country have to rely upon the Indian Railways, which is considered to be the world’s 3rd biggest railway network. It is known to carry passengers in millions regularly throughout the country. The reason for people to depend upon this network is better availability and affordable rates, added with great comfortably. Since there is heavy rush all the time, the passengers are likely to face plenty of hurdles during the journey by train. Safety is one of the major aspects, something that many tend to forget when travelling.

Safety tips to follow for safe journey

  • Safety at the railway platforms: During the short stay at the railway platforms, most of them forget their safety. People are noticed to lose their life at the railway tracks, just because of their laziness. There are many who do not follow the safety guidelines put up by the railway authorities like cross the tracks without using the over-bridge, just to save time, when changing platforms or exiting the station, thus becoming prone to accidents.
  • Not consuming anything given by strangers: It is often noticed that people have the tendency to accept food that is offered by strangers inside the train just after few hours or minutes of chatting with each other. It can be dangerous for both wealth and health. At times, some scrupulous people and thieves use medicines for drugging victims and snatch all their belongings and money. So refusing food from strangers is the right thing to do when traveling by train.
  • Arriving early for tickets: It is always to reserve tickets online as it does provide plenty of comfort and offers hassle free experience. The ticket counters could have long queues that can be avoided by using the latest technology.
  • General tips/advice: There are many who may arrive to the station just few minutes before their scheduled train departs. This is something to be avoided, whether travelling alone or with family. One should take out sufficient time to reach the station much early, before the train arrives at the platform to avoid the rush and getting injured due to the mad rush that is generally witnessed on the arrival of the train.
  • It’s better to check your train ticket pnr status of updates.

Also, the passenger is likely to find plenty of hawkers selling various types of food items that are generally unhygienic and open. These are to be avoided at all costs, since the person after consuming the adulterated and unhygienic food may fall sick during the journey, something that is better avoided.

There is also plenty of rush in the platforms, with  people waiting for their trains to arrive, so that they can board them, people wanting to get out from their train on arrival, some may simply want to jay walk, coolies carrying big and heavy luggage to and fro, etc. Therefore, by following the train safety guidelines, the traveler can reach his destination in style.

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